Children’s Organisation FÉNIX was established on 5th April 1991 as a civil association of children, youth and adults in order to help children and young people to meaningfully use their leisure time.

According to classical horoscope came our organisation into the world under the sign of Aries, which is characterised by strength, dedication and determination.


The main objective of our organisation is to create conditions for children and young people for active, enriching and beneficial leisure. Our aim is to help them learn how to use their free time for the benefit of everyone around, and to move forward. We strive to not only help our young members to prepare for the world as it is, but also to ignite in them the desire and effort to personally participate in the formation of the world in which they would like to live, and help them gain necessary skills and experience.

Fénix, the mythical bird, and his rebirth is closely related to fire, element of energy and change. So is our organisation. It vigorously moves with the time and tries to be there for any young, by age or spirit, because it is they who should be the originators of the changes that our society needs.


We are active in the field of leisure activities for children and young people, through regular meetings of interest collectives and various events. We follow principles of non-formal education and experiental pedagogy.

The basic collective of FÉNIX – it is a group of approximately ten to fifteen children or young people, led by one adult. The basic collective may be also called division, ensemble or club. Collective meets regularly, in the afternoon, in the evening of during the weekend. Generally, collective meets once or twice a week. Meetings last between 1 to 3 hours. Members spend time developing common interest. In Fénix, there is a whole spectrum of interests:

  •  hiking and travelling for adventure and exploration
  • variety of sports ranging from classical through to new unconventional ones, in each environment – ground, water, ice, snow, and air
  • dances (folk, modern, hip-hop), gymnastics and aerobic
  • singing and playing musical instruments
  • craft workshops and art
  • exploration, discovery, nature and environmental protection
  • computers and computer programming